Small Business Programs

Small-biz.XLR8 offers a proven system for small business owners to grow their business by providing:

  1. Exclusive access to informative pre-class video curriculum that teach business principles
  2. Templates for applying business principles directly to your business
  3. Opportunity to develop, practice pitching, and receive feedback on your business growth plan
  4. An interactive online class with peer discussions
  5. Support of expert instructor and mentor network

Readiness Training Program for HUBs

A broad-based and innovative program that significantly enhances the capacity to bid competitively on both public and private sector procurement opportunities.

  1. Funnel 1 focuses on the main aspects of the public contracting process,
  2. Funnel 2 is for more advanced companies.
  3. Links with existing and newly launched UT-Austin training programs and classes, allowing more mature HUBs to secure appropriate technical assistance.
  4. Provides an end-to-end set of training programs for HUBs at their varying stages of growth.

Owner Stories

Priscella Garcia, SisterDough

“I feel like the past 8 weeks evolved my mind as a business owner to understand steps that I needed to take to grow my business, I find myself applying what I learned through the program to my business everyday and it’s been very helpful to me. Week 1 I was like a what did I get myself into …week 10 I’m pitching my business on things that I never thought I knew but I learned.”

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