The Readiness Training Program FAQ

Would Your Business Benefit?

The training sessions are oriented primarily to minority-owned, women-owned, and small businesses that sell and provide services to public agencies (state, local, and federal governments in the Austin region): professional services; commodities; construction; other professional services.

Does My Business Need to Have Won Contracts or Bid Directly or As A Subcontractor?

No. In fact if your business produces a product or service that local governments may purchase, you need not be registered or certified as a woman- or minority-owned business. Information and details will be provided about what is needed to become certified or registered.

What If My Business Already Has Multiple Contracts or A Single Large Contract with a Local/State/Federal Government Agency?

Maybe these sessions would benefit you and your business and maybe not. You may wish to wait until the second set of training sessions that are scheduled for early 2022. Those will concentrate on expanding small businesses. You can also apply for these fall sessions and check the box in the application form to be considered for direct admission to the early 2022 training.

I Am Running a Business and Don’t Have Much Free Time. What Would Be Required Each Week?

To benefit from the training, you will need to be committed to attending each of the sessions AND you will be expected to perform exercises and develop written materials about your business. For several sessions there may be 30-minute videos that need to be watched before the weekly live session.

The weekly sessions will be on Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Unless there is a major improvement in the Covid situation, the first group of weekly sessions will use the Zoom platform. And it is quite possible that all of the weekly sessions will be virtual. In other words, they will be live, but not in-person, and you will not need to drive to the IC² Institute building. If the Covid numbers decline, several of the later class sessions or the mentor sessions might be held in person for those who wish to attend, and for those who prefer Zoom, you could continue to do so.

What Is Going to Be Covered in the Sessions?

Please see the detailed information on the topics for each session on the main website page.

What Is This Going To Cost?

Nothing but your time and energy and a desire to make your business better than it is currently. While some trainings impose fees of $100 to make sure an owner is committed, we are not doing that. All costs are being borne by the sponsor for this training: Travis County’s Purchasing Office.

What Do I Need To Do to Apply and When Will I Know If I Can Participate?

Business owners who wish to apply will be asked to provide basic information about their businesses and why they believe the program may help. Please note that only completed applications will be reviewed. We will do rolling admissions so within three business days after we receive your application, we will contact you with a decision. It will be one of the following: (1) Admitted; (2) Wait List; (3) Denied; (4) Other—this will be for businesses admitted directly to the early 2022 training or businesses that need to furnish more information in a phone call.

You Are Asking for Some Detailed Business Information in the Application. Can I Trust My Information Will Not Be Distributed?

All application information will be held in confidence and not shared beyond key project staff. Your information will not be shared with speakers, mentors, or other organizations.

What Are My Chances of Being Admitted?

Honestly, we do not know as this is the first time for this program. A maximum of 20 businesses will be admitted for the fall training. We do not know how many applications there will be. Our recommendation is to apply early with all the required information because we will be making decisions on the applications as they come in.

Livestreaming May Occur. Why Should I Apply for the Sessions?

Only admitted companies will be able to ask questions of the presenters. Only admitted companies will be able to participate in the mentor sessions. Only admitted companies can take advantage of referrals to individuals who may provide customized, short-term, technical assistance. And depending on demand, we may be required to limit the number of sessions any one company can view in a livestream.