Smallbizxlr8 Support Center

  1. Click on the “Apply Here” link to register for a new account if you don’t have an account already.
  2. Once you have filled the form, the admin will send you registration link to register on the website.
  3. Once you have registered you will get verification link on email to verify your account
  1. You can login with your account after registration.
  2. Dashboard screen will be displayed after Login.

It Shows latest Sessions, Resources, calendar with all session dates.

  1. Please click on Profile menu at the left side to update your profile details.
  2. Email and Phone Number must be unique.

You can check Sessions in two following ways:

  1. Go to Calendar page

    1. Click on any date and session short information will appear
    2. Click on title to view full session information
  2. Go to the Sessions page, this page lists all the sessions.

    1. You can search sessions by date and sort in ascending and descending order.
    2. Click on the “View Session Information” button to view more information about the Session.
    3. When you click on the “View Class Information” button then you can see the details for that particular session.
    4.  You Can click on Powerpoints Download and Exercise Download button to download your homework
    5. You can see a list of Attendees that are present in this session.
    6. Click on the “Upload the Homework” button to upload your homework.
    7. You can add your comments and see other comments on the session.
    8. Click on title to go to individual Session page

Click on  Notifications tab at the left Menu:-

  1.  Red notification indicates the number of new notification you have
  2. These are the actions when notifications will appear:
    1. When admin uploads new session
    2. When some leaves comments on the session
    3. When some leaves comments on discussion board you have commented
  3. View button will lead you to specific items the notifications is related to for eg if notification is related to a particular session it will lead to particular session.
  1.  Discussion page is where you can create any topic to discuss with all other members on the portal.
  2. Click on the “Create New Discussion” button to create a new discussion and your discussion
    Will be listed on the discussion board for all users to view and comment. You can reply to any other users comments
  3. Directory

    1. Directory list lists all members on the portal.
      You can View Email, Company and position of any members.
  1. Resources page lists all the articles.
  2. You can view different types of articles by clicking on each tabs.

Click on the “Read More” button to view the details per resources

You can go through all instructions related to any section of the portal on this page. If you still need any query you can submit your query here and the admin will respond back to you in email.

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