You can check Sessions in two following ways:

  1. Go to Calendar page

    1. Click on any date and session short information will appear
    2. Click on title to view full session information
  2. Go to the Sessions page, this page lists all the sessions.

    1. You can search sessions by date and sort in ascending and descending order.
    2. Click on the “View Session Information” button to view more information about the Session.
    3. When you click on the “View Class Information” button then you can see the details for that particular session.
    4.  You Can click on Powerpoints Download and Exercise Download button to download your homework
    5. You can see a list of Attendees that are present in this session.
    6. Click on the “Upload the Homework” button to upload your homework.
    7. You can add your comments and see other comments on the session.
    8. Click on title to go to individual Session page