Growth Stories

Following up with former program participants.

Meet BASSBOSSCEO + Managing Partner Lian Amber

“You’ll gain not only knowledge of your business’ and customers’ needs, but also a strong feeling of empowerment and enthusiasm. The teachers and mentors are exceptional resources for business development, and I can’t speak highly enough of their level of commitment to your success.”

What is BASSBOSS and what do you do?

BASSBOSS® Powered Loudspeaker Systems offers fully integrated loudspeaker systems for discerning audio professionals.Created for event DJs, nightclubs, production companies and fitness studios who demand extreme performance, extraordinary sound, and unbeatable reliability, BASSBOSS creates intensely powerful loudspeakers that redefine expectations for audio experiences.

Designed to take years of rugged work without damage or failure, BASSBOSS gear provides studio-quality performance with mind-bogglingly intense bass. Every BASSBOSS Loudspeaker is a complete system, including all-wood cabinets, loudspeaker drivers, extremely high-power amplification and comprehensive processing.

With a laser focus on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, BASSBOSS is driven by a commitment to creating musical experiences that elate and elevate listeners.

What was your business situation before joining the program?

The BASSBOSS business model prior to joining the FASTForward [now Small-biz.XLR8] program was a hybrid of loudspeaker manufacturing and audio system design and installation services focused primarily in the Texas market. The Company drove sales of product by providing expert system design and installation services for nightclub venues, bars and fitness studios.

The Company was in the midst of developing amore scalable business model to pivot away from installations, transitioning fully to a B2B and B2C electronics manufacturing company. FASTForward [now Small-biz.XLR8] offered the opportunity to be mentored and educated by a highly knowledgeable and connected group of educators and business development professionals to support that process.

What did you learninthe program? What were the outcomes on your business?

The Company had grown quickly, but the service model was highly time-consuming, leaving little for strategy and development. The program offered an opportunity to deeply delve into the underlying metrics of the business, low-hanging fruit in sales and marketing, best practices, and practical advice for intentional growth.

It was truly a mini-MBA which inspired enormous amounts of creative inspiration into the future of the Company, helping us to create goals, understand data, and intentionally shift the business to an entirely new market.

The concepts were often familiar, but the strategies to incorporate them were revolutionary for the business. The projects assigned allowed us to step back from the minutia and take a bird’s eye view of the Company and its potential trajectory. This led toentirely new internal strategic programswhich supported the pivot out of the service model. Within a year of graduating from the program, the Company entered a period of three years of YOY revenue increases of 30+%.

If you had to pick a main takeaway from the program, what would it be?

Slow down, and dive into the data. Develop clear goals and the strategies to achieve them. Focus on core competencies, and jettison any model that doesn’t support them, even if it requires a short-term revenue loss.

What changes did you make to your business?

Following graduation from the program, BASSBOSS aggressively pursued financing to support the new business model, and utilized debt funding to invest into long-term growth. Through the program, we strategically developed a five-year plan, and have met or exceeded those goals consistently in the interim.

What other outcomes occurred from your participation?

We met numerous mentors through the business who generously assisted in our development. The community is extremely supportive of local businesses, and historically underserved business owners. There is no question that the
FASTForward[now Small-biz.XLR8] program had a major positive impact on our trajectory.