Funnel Two of The Readiness Training Program FAQs

What is Funnel Two?

These training sessions are oriented primarily to minority/women-owned, and small businesses that sell and provide services to public agencies (state, local, and federal governments in the Austin region): professional services; commodities; construction; other professional services. All sessions will offer intermediate to advanced business concepts, techniques, and information that have proven effective in growing a business.

What Topics Will Funnel Two Cover?

The website provides the titles and sequence of the planned sessions. Website updates will include information on confirmed session presenters.

Who Should Apply?

Established firms that want to enhance their capacity and seek new contracting or business opportunities in the public and private sectors. We expect that most admitted companies will have at least five employees, annual revenues surpassing $500,000, and been operational for three or more years. Some exceptions will be made. Businesses that have bid or worked on public and private projects are preferred. Governmental certification is not required, but also preferred. In summary, Funnel Two training sessions are not intended for start-up or relatively young companies. (These latter companies should apply to Funnel One scheduled for the Fall 2023.)

What is the Most Important Program Requirement?

ATTENDANCE! Your commitment to attend all the sessions and workshops will benefit both you and your peers. Establishing and participating in an on-going peer-to-peer network is also vital to the learning process. Participating companies in previous cohorts have reported additional benefits from this networking.

 What are the Other Program Requirements?

To obtain the maximum benefit from the training, you will need to engage in the sessions, workshops, and business advisors, including students, who may be providing technical assistance.

When does Funnel Two Begin?

Funnel Two training sessions will begin on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

What is the Funnel Two timeframe?

As will be shown on the website, there will be either four or five training sessions scheduled on Tuesdays from 4:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. The last session will occur in July. Workshops are scheduled on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6 p.m. We will announce the exact dates of the workshops.

Is There a Training Fee?

No. The Travis County Purchasing Office and the IC² Institute are sponsoring this training free-of-charge. Additional financial support is being provided by the HUB Program Department of the Austin Independent School District, the Small & Minority Business Resources Department of the City of Austin, and the DBE/SBE Program of the Capital Metropolitan Transporation Authority.

What is the Application Process?

An on-line application and submission are required. (The application has additional instructions.) Applicants are asked to provide general business and personal information, approximate business revenue, and public and private bid award experience. Only completed applications will receive consideration. The application period is no longer open. Future training will be announced on the website in due course.

Is my Application Information Confidential?

Yes. We will hold all application information in confidence and share only with key project staff.

When Will You Decide on my Application?

We will have a rolling decision-making process lasting about seven business days. We will notify you based on the following: (1) Admitted; (2) Waitlist; (3) Denied; (4) Other—primarily for applicants who submit incomplete applications. We urge applicants to apply early with all their required information. We will admit 25-30 businesses for the training.

How Will You Deliver the Training?

All sessions will use the Zoom platform and be held virtually. One workshop may be held in person, although that is still to be determined.